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Who we are

Top Roto Ltd was established in 2009 in Cyprus.  Since that time, our vision was to supply the market with quality products.

We are a small company devoted to add noticeable products to the international marketplace at competitive prices.
What we do

We produce by Rotational molding :
- Flower pots
- Garden Furniture
- Illuminated Pots
- Illuminated Furniture
- Gas Covers
- Storage tanks and
- Custom molded products

We have the ability to work with our customers as a team to design, develop and materialize their idea to a marketable product.

We listen to your needs and continuously widen our range of products to offer you more choices.

Our machines, simple in operation, but sophisticated in control, reliably give the operator the ability of handing a properly cured product.

Moulds and tooling are  designed and fabricated by expert craftsmen  to reproduce  the desired product.

Materials and colors are carefully selected to ensure durability and sustainability.

Well trained personnel, implementing designated procedures, is proud to deliver quality products.
Our commitment

We will keep on following the technology,  updating our resources and use our experience in rotational molding wisely to continuously seek for the best possible outcome.